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Psychological help for expats

Are you struggling with loneliness, problems in relationships or with dating?

Do you feel that it affects your confidence, mental health and well-being, sometimes to the point
that you feel anxious or depressed?

You are in the right place, I can help.

I work with singles, people in relationships and couples.

I specialize in:

Relationship problems
Dating coaching for men and women

Anxious/avoidant reactions to intimacy or conflict

Anxious & avoidant dance in a couple

Dating over 30 or 40

Dating support - how to date without it affecting your confidence

Difficult breakups

Seeking balance between setting boundaries and need for intimacy

Communication issues - not getting what you need in a relationship
Consequences of past (bad) relationship experiences

Being highly triggered in relationships

Intense reactions to rejection

Feeling of suffocating in relationships

If you experience any of these difficulties and on top of that you live outside of your home country, in an intercultural setting - you may need some support and guidance. 

I can help you effectively and in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere.

I see relationship issues as deeply valid and essential to people's well-being. I see the need for connection with another person as one of the main human needs - it can bring out our best and our worst.

I aim to provide a safe space for growth in terms of: 

Communication skills

Feeling and setting of boundaries

Balancing need for intimacy with the need for autonomy

Figuring out your relationships patterns and their significance

Figuring out your scripts and how to change them

Limiting the negative impact of past relationship/dating experiences

Building confidence and authenticity in dating/relationship

Gaining clarity on your needs in dating/relationship

Regaining focus on your values 

I can help you identify patterns in your thinking that do not serve you well and build new ones. I can help you express your emotions and learn to communicate them to others. I can help you build strategies so that you can get what you need. 

So go ahead and give contact me via the WhatsApp button or give me a call.

I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

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