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My counseling philosophy

Your mental health is incredibly important to me. I treat it as serious business. You can be certain that I will do my best to take really good care of you and to make every session count. I aim to provide a safe space, where you can feel respected and heard. I respect your need for autonomy and freedom of expression.

My goal is to make you feel healthy, worthy of love, empowered in who you are, in touch with your emotions and able to connect with other people. I want you to get there as fast as possible. I strongly believe that psychological help should be short, effective and powerful. 

My personal motto is that it is better to do something and regret it later, than regret not doing it at all. I will encourage you to experiment and try out new strategies, to make mistakes and learn through experience. If you come back to me in pain after an attempt that did not turn how you wanted it to, I will congratulate you for trying and help you heal. Whatever works for you is good enough for me.

I am a strong opponent of pop-psychology, toxic positivity and models of perfect psychological functioning. Life is messy, people differ, what works for one person may be a bad idea for someone else. This is reflected in my work -  I encourage you to do what you feel is right and in sync with your needs.

I have a strong ethical backbone and I know my limits. I have been trained in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Schema Therapy and EMDR. I use these methods to provide effective care, bring emotional relief and help you grow. I believe that you do not need fixing, but you can grow and learn new skills. And I want to witness that and be a part of that.

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